Ett unikt ölprovnings äventyr på det historiska Salsta Slott. 

När: 1 mars 2024
Tid: 17:30-19:30

Plats: Salsta Slott (near Vattholma)

Mer info och biljetter:

Beer tasting Host: Grzegorz Wicher – QMaSH Brewing

Join us at the majestic Salsta Slott near Vattholma for an evening where the rich history of beer and its intricate production process come alive. Discover the evolution of beer through the ages, from its ancient origins to modern brewing techniques. Taste a variety of beer styles, each with its unique flavor profile, and learn about the craftsmanship behind local microbrewery selections (provided by QMaSH Brewing). We will guide you through the journey of beer making, from selecting the finest grains to the art of fermentation. Enjoy this educational experience in the stunning backdrop of Salsta Slott, complemented by delicious snacks (provided by Salsta Slottskafé). Join us for a toast to history, flavor, and the art of brewing!

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